Jem'appelle Ethan
Jai quinze ans
Je suis Sophomore
J'habite a San Jose
Je suis eleve a lycee Independence
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Wow 16. Getting closer to becoming a Balancio. XD Just wanted to say happy birthday one more time before I sleep. Hope you had a good 16th birthday and birthday party. I had fun, of course. =] You looked stunning like always today and always in a different way. You know how to surprise me every time. Seriously I dont know how you do it but please dont stop. LOL sorry that im awkward around your family and friends. Awkward turtle. And I’m sorry for being hella stiff when dancing. Your dad made me nervous. 0-0 HAHA I KID I KID. ANYWAYS PRINCESS. I LOVE YOU. I MISS YOU. SO GOOD NIGHT AND I’LL SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS. LOOOOOOL MY SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PRESENT FOR YOU. Yash’s guess was Jeremih. Yup like in about 2 minutes. So sweet dreams. :3 Pft im a loser. anyways yeah night baby girl. You are and always have been my dream come true. I love you to the power of infinity for the rest of eternity. I promise you this from now until the end of time. Because Raena Mae Gountang, there is no limit for how long or much I’m going to love you Mrs.Balancio. ^-^



if a guy you’ve been dating for a couple of years/the one you want to marry was fingering you right

and he pulls a ring out of your vagina

and he asks you, “what is this”

and then you ask him to marry you




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